Charter & History

Cheshire is a county in North West England. Rock salt was laid down in this region some 220 million years ago, during the Triassic period.

Winsford’s history begins with the 2000 year old Cheshire salt industry. The rock salt deposits were discovered in 1844 whilst local prospectors were searching for coal, needed to heat brine-filled pans to make salt.

When it was first opened the mine was known as Meadow Bank Mine and had just two shafts. These shafts were 4 feet square and were lined with timber and puddle clay.

From the 1830s, salt became important to Winsford, partly because the salt mines under Northwich had begun to collapse and another source of salt near the River Weaver was needed. By 1897, Winsford had become the largest producer of salt in Britain. As a result, a new town developed within a mile of the old Borough of Over which had been focused on Delamere Street.